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Thomas J. Rao

Theatre Actor & Intimacy Coordinator



Thomas Rao, an LGBTQ+ actor, has had a passion for theatre since he was seven years old and he begged his mother to let him be in a play she was in. This passion was fostered in the small town of Gardnerville, Nevada where he was raised. To further this passion he moved to Reno to seek an education in Theatre at the University of Nevada, Reno. Within his education, Thomas earned roles in theatrical productions like George- from The Cake and Quince- from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. During his time at the University, Thomas earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre with a specialization in acting and a BA in Gender, Race & Identities with a minor in Communication Studies. He was fortunate enough to receive multiple scholarships to help fund his education and eventually graduate in good standing. In addition to academics Thomas sought out extracurricular activities within the arts. He was able to intern under theatre professor, Adi Cabral, to learn Intimacy Coordination and Direction. This allowed him to assist in work on a short film and earn the title of Intimacy Director in a production at UNR. Currently, Thomas is planning to move to Chicago and start his career as an actor. He dreams of being on SNL in the near future and is taking steps to do so.


"The depth of talent here across the board is remarkable, from the comedic genius of Sam Crabtree’s Bottom and Thomas Rao’s Quince to Tully Rosa’s delightfully spirited Puck, to the seriously impressive dramatic and vocal work showcased by Abby Rosen as Titania. Even the smallest of roles shine. The results are a testament not only to their talent but to inspired direction from Brownlow-Calkin that breathes new life and meaning into the centuries-old script." Jessica Santina from Theatre Scoop

"The final and most honorable character in the show was George, Della’s dream man and host of “The Great American Baking Show.” George, played brilliantly by Thomas Rao, would pop in throughout the show as the center of Della’s fantasies. His hilarious quips and great timing added a lightheartedness to the show that reminded the audience of the many different aspects of someone’s personality. Even as Della was struggling so intensely, her creative mind comes up with wild and fun scenarios." - Bethany Haspel from The Nevada Sagebrush

"Intimacy Director Adriano Cabral and Assistant Intimacy Director Thomas Rao. These friends, working with the main characters, created some bedroom and night time scenes unlike anything I’ve ever seen before in live theater[...] the intimacy scenes were really very family-friendly [...] they seemed very genuine and I felt the intimacy. Maybe I’m just thirsty for content like this."- Erica Pionke's Guide to Reno LGBTQ



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